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Phoebe Wants You to Know…

Below you will find information on the business and financial workings of Phoebe. By giving the public easy access to this information, we bring a greater degree of transparency to health care in Albany.

Independent auditors and multiple legal counsel have reviewed various hospital practices and have found them appropriate and consistent under generally accepted accounting principles and law. In our judgment, these business practices and associated expenses further Phoebe’s overall mission and work. We believe incurring expenses is a natural by-product of growing Phoebe’s medical staff from 70 to 306 and our employee ranks from 1,500 to more than 3,800 in a 20-year period.
At the same time, we’ve added entirely new medical services, provided state-of-the-art medical equipment and managed the hospital to ensure that it will continue to be a world-class hospital facility for years to come. Now, as the Georgia Health Sciences University’s first satellite campus, Albany is truly the medical capital of Southwest Georgia.

Our Financial Reports

Our IRS Information Return - Form 990

As a not-for-profit organization, Phoebe files the Internal Revenue Service Form 990 "Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax," every year. Below is a link to Phoebe's most recent Form 990's as well as the Conflict of Interest Policy mentioned in the Form 990's.

Our Commitment to Low Income Uninsured Patients

Since 1911, Phoebe has taken great pride in increasing access to care for all in need. We continue to make great strides in improving the health of our community. After all, Phoebe was founded on the mission to provide health care to all those in need, regardless of ability to pay.

Community Benefits Guidelines

Last year, Phoebe provided more than $100 million in community benefits. This figure represents the cost of care for those who are indigent or in need of charity assistance. It also represents other community benefits, including health screenings, flu shots, grants to community partnerships, school nurses and much more. The full footnote is available in our Audited Financial Statements, also posted here on line.

As a part of reporting community benefits, Phoebe has adopted guidelines adopted from a collaboration between VHA and the Catholic Health Association on how hospitals should report community benefits. Such tools for guidelines bring needed and additional clarity to reporting.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital currently uses the Community Benefit of Inventory Social Accountability (CBISA) software that upholds the policies outlined to establish consistent reporting and provide community benefits.

A Pledge to Community Benefit

Phoebe continues to strive for excellence through the adopted VHA-CHA guidelines. As a recognized leader in health care, Phoebe is making a positive difference in the care that is delivered to patients. From transportation services to new patient education classes to nutrition programs, VHA hospitals are helping people where they live, with services they need most.

VHA has a long history of helping hospitals communicate their good work. In fact, more than 800 not-for-profit hospitals today are using software developed by VHA, the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and Lyon Software to track and communicate information on community benefit.

Phoebe has taken that communication to the next level by adopting the guidelines of “A Guide for Planning and Reporting Community Benefit.” The Guide contains standard definitions and reporting guidelines regarding community benefits. To view the pledge letter signed in accordance with the VHA-CHA guidelines, please click below.

Authority Report

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital provides care and services to the uninsured and many other individuals. Our mission at Phoebe includes offering community benefits that might otherwise be absent; including highly specialized services for critically injured patients, specialty care and diagnostics and culturally competent care for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

There is a nationwide effort to bring focused attention to the community benefits provided by not-for-profit hospitals, including how benefits are computed and reported in easily understood documents.

Georgia Hospital Association Price Check

We encourage you to visit the GHA Price Check Web Site. The site is easy to use. To view the Georgia Hospital Association Consumer Web Site release, click here.

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Phoebe Putney Health System is a network of hospitals, family medicine clinics, rehab facilities, auxiliary services, and medical education training facilities. Founded in 1911,
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital (the flagship hospital) is one of Georgia's largest comprehensive regional medical centers. From the beginning, Phoebe's mission and vision
has been to bring the finest medical talent and technology to the citizens of Southwest Georgia, and to serve all citizens of the community regardless of ability to pay.